Now that winter is upon us now in Bennington, VT and Rutland, VT, we want to remind you of some winter driving and servicing tips to help you drive with confidence when the weather gets bad and you have somewhere to be. We know first hand the affect that winter weather can have on driving conditions around Hoosick Falls, NY and Pittsfield, which is why we want to not only share tips for safe driving in winter weather, but also how you can maintain your vehicle to perform the best in said weather. If you need winter service on your vehicle, you can schedule an appointment online or come see us in our service center to give your vehicle the attention it needs to perform at the highest level all winter long.

Winter Driving Tips

Between keeping certain supplies in your vehicle to how you can safely navigate streets and highway roads when its snowing or there's ice on the ground, there are many different measures you can take to ensuring that you're ready for winter weather. We're going to highlight some of the key areas to pay attention to, providing you with a simple resource to use before the worst of the winter weather arrives around Bennington and Troy, NY.

  • Equip Your Vehicle with the Right Winter Tires: Even if your vehicle has all-wheel drive, using winter tires is the only way to ensure that your vehicle is prepared to take on snow, ice and slush. Winter tires are specifically designed with unique tread patterns that's deeper and allows snow to be funneled out rather than get trapped in, providing you with greater traction and control. Snow tires are also made with softer rubber, allowing them to have enhanced grip compared to normal tires which get harder in cold weather and will cause you to slip.
  • Make Sure that Your Tires Are Properly Inflated: With your winter tires equipped, it's important that you always make sure that they're properly inflated.
  • Keep Half a Tank of Gas in Your Tank: In cold weather, when you run low on gas, it can cause your fuel pump to start sucking in air, creating condensation which can freeze the lines and leave your vehicle unable to start. That's why experts suggest always having a half-tank of gas in your vehicle to limit this possibility.
  • Make Sure Your Battery is Charged: Your vehicle's battery has a harder time starting in the winter because it has reduced cranking power and often the motor oil is thicker in cold temperatures, making it harder for the engine to turn over. It's important that you make sure your battery is properly charged, and if need be, you change it out with a new battery so you don't find yourself stranded in cold temperatures.
  • Drive Slowly: The most important thing that you can do to limit the chance of an accident in winter weather is to drive slowly and with care. Driving slowly gives you the most time to apply the brakes and allow your tires to maintain or regain traction. Even if you are in control, other vehicles might not be and driving slowly lessens the momentum in a potential collision.
  • Keep Food, Warm Clothes and Other Emergency Materials in the Vehicle: Just in case you get stuck somewhere and you have to wait to get back on the road, it's important that you have warm clothes to take on the elements, as well as food in case you're there for a while, a flashlight, and other materials to take on any surprises.

Get Your Vehicle Ready for Winter With a Service Appointment at Bennington Hyundai

From oil changes and buying new winter tires to repairing your brakes and switching your winter tires, if you need to get your vehicle ready for winter, we invite you to schedule a service appointment online or join us in our service center today at Bennington Hyundai. We offer service specials to help you save on winter services, and we have a parts center with all the genuine Hyundai parts you need to maintain your own vehicle this winter.

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